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Label Technology Wagner

Print Technical Training and   

Process Optimization worldwide

We offer:

- Print Technical Training in theory and practice - Workflowoptimization, Prozessoptimization - Production assistance - Print Technical consulting and support - Print Technical troubleshooting - Temporary Production Management - Independent Consulting in purchasing of a new or used Label Press - Machine Acceptance Tests (Commissioning) - Machinechecks - Print Technical tests - Special applications - Project management - Documentations and Operation Manuals for Label Presses - Machine Demonstrations - Offset and Flexo Standardization

Highly specialized on Gallus Presses

     Gallus RCS 330

     Gallus RCS 430

     Gallus TCS 250

     Gallus ECS 340

     Gallus EM 280

     Gallus R 160

     Gallus R 200

     Gallus EMS 410 and EMS 430


Print Technical      


Our experienced Print Engineers are specialists in the Application of any Printing Process and Secondary Process, will submit your operators a higher confidential in production and help therewith to reduce your Setup Time / Setup Waste and to increase your Machine output through Process Optimization. Use the full potential of your Label Press!


Reduce your Setup time and Setup Waste with Process Optimization to the minimum! We analyze your daily comprehensive processes, optimize your workflow and help you thereby to a considerable increasement in productivity!
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