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Label Technology Wagner

Expertise in Label Printing

More than 22 years experience in the Label Print Industry

Our Team consists of high skilled Print Technicians with more than 22 years of experience in the Label Print Industry, and highly specialized on Gallus Presses! We are specialists in the application of any Printing Process and Secondary Process. Highly confident with Gallus Presses since decades, we know the strong points and limits of Gallus Presses and consult you qualified, fair and objective! Absolutely independent, but in best relationship to the Gallus Group Switzerland and to the worldwide Gallus Supplier and Gallus Service Organisations it is easier, faster, unburocratic and more eficcient to solve machine problems. Longstanding experience in matters of Print Technical Training and education of operators. Best international contacts and relationships in the Label Print Industry. Thomas Wagner 1989 - 1992 Education as a Letterpress and Offsetprinter at Lederer and afterwards Druck Hofer Retz. 1992 - 1994 Entry into the Label Print Industry at Maurer & Co, Kaltenleutgeben, Vienna. First experience with Labelpresses on a Nilpeter and a Viva Press. 1994 - 1995 After the shutdown of von Maurer & Co a short exchange followed to Ulikett in VIenna Inzersdorf. First contact with Gallus Presses. 1995 - 2004 Marzek Labels Traiskirchen: On many different Printing Presses (Gallus, Nilpeter, Viva) were almost all existing printing and secondary  process studied and applied in practice. Offset, Letterpress, Flexo, Silk Screen and Gravure as Printing Processes. Coldfoiling, Hotstamping, Relief Embossing, Silk Screen Printing as an effect or Tactile Print, Varnishing, Lamination, Die Cut, and so on... 2005 - 2011 Gallus Group Switzerland After meanwhile 13 years in the production of Self Adhesive Labels I wanted to make a career exchange but stay in that exciting and emerging Label Print Business. So i hired in 2005 as a Process Engineer at Gallus Switzerland, the World Market Leader in the manufacturing of Label Presses. My duties included worldwide Print Technical Training in theory and practice, Print Technical Troubleshooting, Machine Acceptance tests, Print Technical tests and special applications. Highly specialized at Gallus Presses like RCS 330, RCS 430, TCS 250, EM 280, RB ... In addition machine demonstrations were also done at Gallus Switzerland, and performed at Fairs and Exhibtions, such as Labelexpo in Brussels. In the years from 2005 until 2012 I trained 80% of all new installed Gallus RCS Offset Presses worldwide. All across Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, South America, United States. This way I could perfect my Print Technical knowledge, and build up the best international contacts in the Label Print Industry, always up to date! May 2011 Establishing the company Label Technolgy Wagner near St. Gallen, Switzerland - Self Adhesive Labels and Print Technology. Print Technical Training as an independent Trainer for Label Presses, highly specialized at Gallus Presses. Production of Self Adhesive Labels, specialized on High End Wine Labels. April 2012 Founded as Label Technology Wagner in Switzerland, the demand on our high quality Wine Labels in the Viticulure Regions of Austria, increased rapidly. So we decided to open a branch in Austria. Since April 4th 2012, Etiketten & Druck Wagner e.U. is established as an independent company in Eggenburg (Lower Austria). Specialized in Label printing with a focus on top quality Wine Labels, we produce only on the worlds most advanced Label Presses, made in Switzerland!
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